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Don't Fly Alone!

A New Dawn For Your New Company

Picture this. The wind rushes through your hair as you look out the open door of your skydiving plane, 13,000 feet above land. Your stomach turns in a mixture of excitement and horror as you think about the journey you’re about to go on, but you have steeled yourself and are sure that you’re ready. You take one last look around at your friends aboard the plane who give you a reassuring nod of the head and then, you jump… with no professional diver attached to you. It’s then you realize you don’t know how to deploy your parachute and as you hurtle towards the Earth you begin to comprehend the terrible mistake you’ve made. After all, who jumps without a professional by their side? Starting out a business is no different. The people around you may give you reassuring glances and words of encouragement as you take the leap into entrepreneurship, but without someone truly by your side to help you, you’re just jumping out of a plane alone. While we maybe can’t save your skydiving adventure, we can certainly help you discover and collect all the pieces and knowledge you need in order to start up your business the right way.

Who are we exactly?

We’re QuickSoft Solutions, a small business and QuickBooks©️ consulting company in the USA. We provide ongoing and short-term support nationwide. With this blog, we are hoping to guide people in understanding their finances and support them into employing better business practices while also striving to simplify their QuickBooks©️ experience. Our #1 goal is to help people worry less about their finances so they can spend more time doing what they love - growing their business. You wouldn’t skydive without proper training and a professional at your side, why push your finances out of the plane before you’re ready? No matter your age or experience, this blog is here to sharpen your wits and teach you tricks to survive the small business world in our digital age.

We believe that bookkeeping, accounting, and entrepreneurship have a fundamental “fun” problem and are hoping to change the way you look at yourself and your potential business. Working with finance terminology and accounting practices shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying yourself while learning the fundamentals of the business world. Will you learn how to properly start up a business here? Yes. Will you learn how to properly run reports in QuickBooks©️ in an efficient way? Yes, but there is no reason you can’t enjoy the process and learn about the amusing financial aspects along the way. Creating an invoice and seeing the payments in your QuickBooks©️ file doesn’t mean the task is complete. Likewise, deciding to start up a company doesn’t mean you’ve succeeded in becoming a successful business owner. You haven’t scored a home run until you’ve rounded the bases and bookkeeping and business are no different.

Hopefully, the games, exercises, jokes, and knowledge we plan to share through this blog will help to convert our readers from people with a dream to people with concrete goals and a plan. QuickBooks©️ and other entrepreneurs will tell you that you can set everything up on your own, and maybe the geniuses among you can, but why struggle to learn something alone when you can go on the journey with someone who’s already climbed the mountain? If you bring the drive and commitment necessary to succeed in business we can provide the tools required to take each step forward on that journey.

So, who should start their own business? The correct answer is likely everyone, but especially people with lots of ideas and passion. Disenfranchised with your current job? Start your own business. Dislike the amount of money you make or the particular set of hours you currently work? Start your own business. Just looking to try something fun and exciting where you are judged not by other people but by only you and your own merits? Start. Your. Own. Business.

Whether you’re born and raised here in the USA or are from any other pocket of the world looking to sate your ambition, opening a business allows you to truly manifest your own destiny. No arbitrary deadlines, no boss breathing down your neck, no unmotivated colleagues hampering your daily grind. Just you and your goals, all predicated on your actions… and there is no better feeling.

Your job security and hours are entirely tied to your motivation and commitment to your goal. Your company grows and succeeds with your success and failures and there is something truly exciting about controlling your own fate. Life happens whether or not you force it to, but you sure can push it in the direction that’s best for you with a little persistence and luck. And you won’t be doing it alone. We’ll be here giving out what knowledge we have in the hopes of you developing yourself and your company into the best versions they can be and maybe, just maybe, we can even figure out how to deploy that parachute.

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